November 14, 2022
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When seeking a drayage provider there’s likely one main question that comes to mind… “Can it pick up a container and provide an update in a timely manner?”  With decades of experience and being on both sides of the drayage sourcing equation, we can honestly attest how surprising it may be to hear that it’s not always a simple answer. Here are the six most common issues when it comes to sourcing a drayage company along with a few tips and questions you may want to ask.

  1. LEVEL OF SERVICE: Do you pick up containers when you say you will? How often do you deliver on time?  How often do you experience delays or misses and do those delays and misses result in Demurrage or unproductive warehouse time?

Be confident in the answer you get. If a drayage provider promises perfection, then run away. Premium services should perform to a high degree but don’t be fooled by providers who over promise then under deliver. Whisk Logistics has Automated Container Availability from the Ports of LA & Long Beach so we are alerted as each container becomes available.  This allows us to secure port appointments at favorable dates and times so you get your freight when you want.

  1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Do you respond to inquiries in a timely manner?

Ever needed an update but couldn’t get a hold of anyone? Timely delivery isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to your freight. Communication is key. Ask your drayage provider for their average inquiry response time and here’s a hint:  if they don’t know, or won’t tell you, it isn’t good. Whisk Logistics guarantees a 2-hour OR LESS response time to all active customer inquiries (which is monitored by software that alerts management if that response time is exceeded).

  1. REPORTING: Do you send real-time updates?

Ever receive an automated report you knew was outdated by the time you were reading it? Intel is only good if it is accurate with up to date information. Real-time updates are crucial in this modern age where everything moves fast. Keep up with your freight by ensuring automatic update capability and real-time reporting. Whisk offers real-time reporting with GPS enabled tracking across the entire container pickup cycle.

  1. BILLING: What is the process for PODs and Interchange tickets?

Are your PODs and In and Out Container Interchanges delivered automatically or in a timely manner?  If not, they should be. Automated POD and Interchange delivery from your drayage provider ensures your account stays up to date.  Avoid reconciliation issues and close each month, quarter, and fiscal year without hassle… your colleagues in finance will thank you for it. Whisk offers automated delivery of PODs and inter-change tickets to customers and always electronically transmits these documents with its invoices.

  1. TECHNOLOGY: Do you offer a technology package?

Will your drayage provider integrate directly with your Transportation Management System (TMS)? Do you have reporting gaps in your supply chain or ever lose visibility of your freight? An integrated technology package seamlessly connects our systems to provide automated, real-time visibility for your freight from ship to shore to store.

Whisk offers customized technology packages to integrate directly with client systems to ensure your freight’s milestones are available at your fingertips every step of the way.

  1. CHASSIS: Do you own your own chassis?

Don’t wait for the pool of pools… get your freight faster by utilizing private chassis. A private chassis fleet gets your freight picked up faster and isn’t impacted by pool of pools shortages. We have 250 chassis, all of which are GPS enabled.

With a hands-on team and decades of experience, Whisk Logistics is a 3rd generation family-owned business that specializes in drayage, transportation and logistics solutions from the Ports of LA and Long Beach.

Don’t let your freight wait.

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