July 19, 2023
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In today’s competitive retail marketplace, the advantages of working with a trucker who owns their own chassis cannot be overstated. Using a trucker who owns their own chassis enhances your supply chain by bringing reliability, improved capacity, and greater visibility.

Reliability and Predictability

One of the primary benefits of working with a trucker who owns their own chassis is the added reliability and predictability it offers. Such a trucker is able to provide a level of service that is often hard to match by those dependent on third-party chassis pools.  Private chassis are available where and when needed, eliminating the uncertainty that comes with relying on third-party assets. This consistency helps prevent warehouse operations being derailed by unexpected issues such as chassis shortages. Compounding this issue is that third party pools run out of chassis during peak periods, when you most need your freight.

In the logistics industry, unexpected problems often translate into higher costs, making reliability a budget friendly commodity. In California over the last several years chassis shortages and the lack of necessary container equipment have created headaches for cargo owners who need to pick up and return equipment within the allotted free time. These issues have led to spikes in detention and demurrage charges, which can quickly add up and represent a significant hit to the bottom line. A trucker with their own chassis can help shippers avoid these costs, providing a valuable buffer against an industry that falls short at the most critical times.

Improved Capacity Dependability

Owning private chassis also improves capacity dependability. Truckers who invest significantly in their own chassis, tractors, and drivers are typically better equipped to provide equipment meeting their shippers’ needs.  They also have the ability to accommodate capacity surges more adeptly, ensuring that equipment is always, even during heavy surge periods.  This reliability and dependability in equipment availability can be crucial in avoiding demurrage costs and keeping freight moving when the third-party pools run out of chassis.

Enhanced Freight Visibility and Efficiency

Owned chassis typically come with GPS, which results in increased freight visibility and efficiency. From the time of port pick up until the container is unloaded the location of the container and status of the container is known. This offers a level of visibility and control that is often missing when working with pool chassis, which do not have GPS. Such visibility can be invaluable in managing unexpected needs and ensuring effective communication between the shipper and provider. In addition, private chassis can provide early access and priority to hot containers, helping to keep cargo with tight deadlines on schedule.

In the face of rising demurrage and detention charges, it’s crucial for shippers to keep these costs under control. This requires visibility into detention and demurrage charges, understanding free time tariffs, and making smart routing decisions. Working with a trucker who owns their own chassis can provide the control and visibility needed to effectively manage these costs.


Overall, a trucker who owns their own chassis can provide a considerable edge in today’s highly competitive retail marketplace. The ownership model offers numerous advantages, including enhanced reliability and predictability, increased load capacity and efficiency, improved capacity dependability, and better freight visibility.

These benefits combine to create more streamlined, efficient, and effective solutions that can result in demurrage cost savings and improved service delivery. Given the importance of cost control and efficiency at every stage of transport, it’s clear that the benefits of a trucker owning their own chassis are significant and can greatly contribute to a shipper’s success in the marketplace.