Family-owned and operated with 3 generations of experience.


Harbor Drayage

Our proximity to the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles allows us to customize supply chain solutions that satisfy your unique needs. By using our services, you get a dedicated, hard-working partner with expertise in port drayage, transportation and freight processing. Our primary service areas are the Inland Empire, south and central California. We move imports and exports and have an effective street turn program. We provide customized reporting, real time warehouse delivery notices, electronic invoicing with documentation and use Blue Cargo to fight per diem charges.


Our secure yard space with controlled access and monitoring systems ensures the safety and protection of your cargo, reducing the risk of theft or damage. Our dedicated yards reside just outside the Ports of LA & Long Beach and in the Inland Empire, which allows us to pre-pull equipment to avoid demurrage during freight surges or when your warehouse backs up. We can also stage empty containers at our yards when terminal restrictions prevent their return. This allows your warehouse to continue to receive loaded containers while also avoiding per diem charges as return restrictions are lifted.


We maintain a dedicated fleet of over 250 privately owned chassis. Every chassis has GPS which provides real-time visibility and an extra layer of security while your cargo is in transit or parked at your warehouse awaiting unloading.

Our large private chassis fleet allows us to continue to pick up loaded containers at the Ports even when freight surges or empty return restrictions exhaust the pool of pools' inventory. Our private chassis fleet helps you avoid demurrage charges, reduce idle warehouse labor hours caused by delayed freight, and ensures your product gets to your customers on time.


Our state-of-the-art transportation and equipment tracking technology and industry knowledge allows us to offer customized solutions with superior service. Today logistics companies are also information companies so our systems are geared to provide our customers with accurate information in real time.

  • Automated container availability
  • Customized reporting
  • EDI status updates
  • Real time geofence delivery notices
  • Real time ETA estimates if a load may be late
  • URL track and trace for hot and high value loads
  • Electronic invoicing and POD delivery
  • Accurate on-time reporting